Architectural Metal Polishing can offer a superior finish that is consistent time and time again. No worries from lot to lot that your products will look different.

Below are samples of our most popular finishes. We can produce CUSTOM FINISHES and in most cases we can match any samples you furnish. Call one of our experts if you don't see your required finish, or if you have any questions regarding our finishes.

No. 8 Mirror

This finish is highly reflective and is used in all areas where critical appearance is required. This finish is achieved with a directional buff which can be touched-up in the field..

No. 6 Long Grain

 This finish is achieved by elongation of the grained finish over the sheet. The advantage of this process is that any scratching can be touched-up in the field. This was originally called EZ Blend.

No. 4 Satin

This finish is the standard for the industry. The graining is done with a 120-180 grit Aluminum Oxyde Polishing Belt running at high speeds.

Non-Directional Satin

This finish is achieved with abrasive sanding running in all directions thereby giving a texture that is Vandal proof.