C-385 Bronze

What is C-385 Bronze?

C-385 bronze, also known as Architectural Bronze, is a leaded brass alloy recognized for its exceptional machinability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Comprising primarily copper with additions of zinc, lead, and iron, this alloy boasts a golden hue that deepens with age, lending a classic elegance to any application it graces.

Strength and Durability
One of the standout features of C-385 bronze is its inherent strength, making it ideal for structural applications. When crafted into angle bars, this alloy provides sturdy support for architectural elements, machinery, and frameworks. Whether used in construction projects, marine environments, or industrial machinery, C-385 bronze angle bars deliver resilience against wear, corrosion, and stress.

Corrosion Resistance
In environments where exposure to moisture, chemicals, or harsh weather is a concern, C-385 bronze shines. Its corrosion-resistant properties make it a reliable choice for outdoor fixtures, marine hardware, and architectural accents. This resilience ensures that structures maintain their integrity and aesthetics even in challenging conditions, standing the test of time with grace.

Machinability and Workability
Craftsmen and engineers appreciate C-385 bronze for its exceptional machinability, allowing for precise shaping and detailing. Whether milling, drilling, turning, or welding, this alloy responds readily to machining processes, facilitating the creation of intricate designs and custom components. Its workability extends to tube fabrication, enabling the production of seamless, uniform tubes for a range of applications.

Versatile Applications
The versatility of C-385 bronze angle bars and tubes knows few bounds. In the realm of architecture, these components find their place as decorative trims, handrails, door frames, and window accents, adding a touch of timeless elegance to buildings. Industrial machinery benefits from the strength and wear resistance of C-385 bronze, with angle bars providing structural support and tubes serving as conduits for fluids and gases.

Artisans and designers also embrace the aesthetic allure of C-385 bronze, incorporating it into sculptures, furniture, and artistic installations. The warm, golden hue of this alloy, coupled with its ability to develop a rich patina over time, lends a sense of history and character to every creation.

Sustainability and Longevity
Beyond its functional and aesthetic merits, C-385 bronze promotes sustainability through its longevity. Structures and components crafted from this alloy require minimal maintenance over their extended lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Furthermore, bronze is fully recyclable, ensuring that its beauty and utility can be preserved for generations to come.


In the world of metals, C-385 bronze stands tall as a testament to durability, versatility, and timeless elegance. Whether as angle bars supporting the framework of skyscrapers or tubes guiding fluids through industrial machinery, this alloy delivers unwavering strength and reliability. Its corrosion resistance, machinability, and rich aesthetic appeal make it a favorite among architects, engineers, artists, and craftsmen alike.

As we continue to innovate and create, C-385 bronze remains a steadfast companion, blending the best of tradition and modernity into a metal that endures—both in function and in beauty.

So, the next time you admire the graceful curve of a bronze handrail or the intricate detailing of a sculpted masterpiece, remember the enduring excellence of C-385 bronze angle bars and tubes—the backbone of strength and the embodiment of timeless artistry.