Muntz Metal / Naval Brass

Both Muntz Metal and Naval Brass are copper alloys containing 60% copper and 40% zinc. While typically grouped together, they do differ in that Naval Brass also includes <1% tin, while Muntz Metal has traces of iron in its chemical composition. Muntz Metal and Naval Brass are widely used in architecture and design, as their beautiful golden color lends a unique accent when used for elevators, doors and entrances, railings, trim, and other features.

Cleaning Muntz Metal / Naval Brass
Muntz Metal and Naval Brass can be restored and cleaned using a solution of 50% lacquer thinners and 50% water. Clean only with the direction of the grain, rather than against, when cleaning either of these metals. Use a lint-free cloth to clean the surface, then rinse the metal, and finally wipe dry with another clean, lint-free cloth.

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