Mirror Finishes

We offer the mirror finishes listed below across all metal types. To speak with the Architectural Metal Polishing team about your project, request a quote.

#2B/Mill Finish

The #2B is a lustrous (but not mirrored) finish. #2B is also known as “mill finish” because it describes the unpolished state of the cold rolled material straight from the producing mill. While products with a #2B finish typically exhibit some luster, they are not reflective or mirrored in any way. This finish is typical for very practical applications where the appearance of the metal is not a factor.

Bright Annealed Finish

While most reflective finishes are achieved through buffing and polishing, annealing is another method of producing a similar luster. Annealing involves heat-treating the metal in a furnace and allowing it to cool slowly. This results in a bright, reflective appearance that may still retain some surface imperfections. It is typically chosen as a lower-cost option compared to buffed mirror finishes.

#7 Mirror Finish

#7 is sometimes referred to as a “pre-buff” or “dull mirror” finish. This finish features a highly reflective surface that has been finely ground, but one in which grit lines are not removed. It sees use across many different industries and products.

#8 Directional Mirror Finish

#8 is the industry standard for a truly mirrored finish. Its extremely reflective surface results from many stages of directional buffing and polishing, followed by buffing with a rouge compound. #8 comes in both a directional and non-directional variety; the directional variety undergoes a final round of polishing to give the product the appearance of having a directional, but mirrored texture.

#8 Super Mirror Finish (Non-Directional Mirror Finish)

#8 is the industry standard for a truly mirrored finish. The #8 super mirror finish features virtually no grit lines, unlike the directional mirror finish. This finish is achieved through many stages of circular oscillating buffing using abrasive compounds and a final rouge-like compound. This type of finish is commonly used for architecture and design, as well as other projects where the outward appearance of the metal is critical.

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